Development of a Vision

Santa Fe College’s vision is to reduce energy consumption and its negative environmental impact while creating unique student learning opportunities and raising community awareness.

For the more progressive institutions energy conservation is not a philosophy predicated on the rise and fall of oil prices; it is an everyday mindset that believes in the responsible use of our natural resources.
Bill Reese
Associate Vice President
Facilities Planning and Operations
Building Code Official
Santa Fe College views energy management from two perspectives; in conservation and in renewable sources. Both of these primary initiatives are wrapped into what the college refers to as an Evidence Based Energy Master Plan. That plan over the last decade has moved from the installation of motion sensors in all classrooms to numerous lighting research and replacement initiatives to the installation of four solar arrays. It engages both the Operations side of the house with the Planning side of the house to produce both major and minor projects that are energy wise. The evidence of success is in the fact that the college has reduced energy consumption on its main campus each of the last seven years, even while adding additional facilities.